Our Story

My huge passion for fragrances, that has grown over the years inspired by my travels around the world, has taken me to the stage when I was filled with creativity and I could not stop myself from mixing deeply fragranced essential and perfume oils, which I had collected on my voyages. I have created scented candles and perfumes for myself, my family and my friends. At that point I had realised, that I wanted to share my passion for scents, which through the process of combining different fragrances, they become some sort of ‘magical’ essences that can take your mind to a completely different world.

DARIUM is the celebration of sophisticated design combined with deep and rich scent that creates an opulent ambiance around you, which comforts and sooths your senses, and elevates your spirit.

Through DARIUM, I want to give you a chance to form your own relaxing sanctuary that can let you slow down for a while and breathe, relax and enjoy the moment of tranquillity. The warmth of a candle light, the power of aroma and sensual atmosphere, that fragrance creates, aims to enhance the feeling of your well-being and contentment.

At DARIUM we are strongly dedicated to produce the finest quality candles, where attention to detail plays a crucial role, that is why all our candles are hand poured in small batches using soy wax infused with premium fragrance and essential oils.

Every fragrance created at DARIUM is made with passion, which translates into the guarantee of the highest quality and uniqueness of every glass filled with aroma of luxury and elegance.  

Founder of DARIUM London