Rose & Honey - Aromatic Candle

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The sweetness of Honey and the opulence of Rose merge in harmony to create a fragrance of Happiness, trapped in a beautiful candle by DARIUM London. Release it and fill your home with joy!

This candle  is composed of Red Roses, Honey and Tigerlily Blossom fragrances. It is a flowery and sweet fragrance that creates the feeling of summer in an English countryside.

The candle is perfect to be placed in any room in the house, but most desirable place would be in a bedroom, living room or kitchen. The wax used in the candle is a soy and coconut wax blend.

No paraffin waxes are permitted to be used in DARIUM London candles.

The fragrance blend consists of high quality oils, which produce strong cold and hot throw.

The wick used in the candle is a cotton wick, with no metal core inside.

Net weight ~230g