Perfume Making Kit

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How to make perfume?

Perfume is like adding invisible colours to your life! And we wanted to provide you with the unique and wonderful experience of perfume making; and therefore, we are delighted to introduce you to our Perfume Making Kit, which is equipped with all the essentials needed to create your own bespoke fragrance.

 The kit contains:

11 x 5ml fragrance oils/essential oils

1 x 5ml aroma chemical (Iso E Super)

2 x 100ml perfumers alcohol

2 x 50ml glass beakers

1 x mini funnel

2 x 50ml perfume spray bottles

10 x 5ml perfume spray bottles

5 x 3ml pipettes

10 paper perfume testers

Detailed instructions

There are five variants available, in which majority of fragrance oils are selected to create chosen type of perfume: fresh, floral, fruity, woody/spicy or leather/tobacco. 

The kit is created for two people to share the experience and make perfume together. It is presented in a gift box tied with a ribbon, if you wish to gift it to someone special.