Message Candles


At DARIUM we are very passionate about our products, that is why we wanted to add a bit of personality to each candle we make.

Our first collection ‘Message Candles’, includes candles that are dedicated to carry a message or wishes, that could be either for you or for someone else, perhaps someone special to you. There are different messages and wishes to chose from, and with each single message there is a unique fragrance accompanying it.


Let’s make memories more sensual!

Cotton & Vanilla - Aromatic Candle

  • Mystique You

    This candle is dedicated to you! Surround yourself with the scent of the Cotton & Orange luxury scented candle by DARIUM London. Create your new intriguing ambience and become ‘mystique’, secretive and fascinating at the same time.

    • Mystique you, is a candle from ‘Message Candles’ collection.
    • It is composed of Cotton, Orange, Jasmine and Lime fragrances. It is a fresh, citrusy fragrance, perfect to be placed in any room in the house, especially in a bedroom.
    • The wax used in a candle is a blend of soy and coconut waxes.
    • No paraffin waxes are permitted to be used in DARIUM London candles.
    • The fragrance blend consists of high quality oils, which produce strong cold and hot throw.
    • The wick used in the candle is a cotton wick, with no metal core inside.
    • Net weight ~230g
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